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    Hello, my dear readers, my name is David Smith, and I welcome you at my Online Casino Northwest Journal website.

    This is where you’ll find fascinating and honest online casino reviews, reviews of the best slots with links to play online, interesting articles about the history of online casinos, secrets of successful online casino games, and much more.

    Online Casino games

    Online Casinos: How Chronologist Became Expert in Gambling

    Before we dive into the beautiful world of slots, blackjack, roulette, and other online games, ask yourself just one question: “What is your idea of a gambling expert?”

    Indeed, for you, this is a passionate online gambler who has managed to play all the real money online casinos and who spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on online games. But, well, I’m very far from that description.

    I am a chronologist by specialization, and I believe that the phrase “You have to know the past to understand the present” is accurate.

    Still back at university, I started one project dealing with the study of Canada’s trade development, in particular, furs trading due to the country specifics and resources available for trading.

    I was collecting lots of information which might be well used both by teachers of history in schools and those engaged in reconstruction of historical costumes.

    I found it so exciting to gather data about various public figures of those days. I always wondered what qualities these people had and what made them successful.

    And it happened so that I once came across the information on old-days betting when the bet winner got furs as a prize, not money. From that time on, I became obsessed with all that was related to history of betting, gambling, casinos, etc.

    Like a real historian, I started an in-depth study of kingdoms, classes, families, and species of various casinos and games. I worked on my research relying on such trustworthy online casino sources, and my interest in the topic has only been growing since that time. I have realized that the field of gambling has no fewer amazing things to study than any other area of our life.

    Casino Games Stormed into My Life!

    So, still being a university student, I first walked into a land-based casino to play a couple of slots, just for fun.

    To say that the process sucked me in is an understatement. First, I was losing my money, but I couldn’t stop. Then, that same night, before I could take a break, I made some money.

    Can you imagine that it was my first winning! I didn’t think that I had spent 20 times as much money before that. Just few months before, I was contemplating on creation of a website that would be all about science (yes, I’m very versatile). That’s precisely what it would have been if I hadn’t walked into a casino that night.

    The only thought that swirled around in my head was how many online games I could find on the internet. There turned out to be a lot of them! But quality of the reviews on most of them were too low, so I decided to fix this drawback.

    Today my mission is to make my site which will be interesting and regularly aggregating reviews of the most popular and new online casino games.

    I know all the information you find here will be beneficial. After all, I have used it many times in practice and hit jackpots.

    guy win at laptop

    My last win was


    ?Pretty good for a chronologist

    In short, I’m happy you’re here! And let’s enjoy together the fun that casino games can bring.

    If you have any questions or requests, email me at [email protected]. ?I’ll be glad to answer you.